The Grass Doctor


Green Cutting and General Maintenance

This is the core of our service. We regularly cut and maintain greens ensuring they are in the best possible condition.



Vertidraining is essential maintenance work that relieves compaction and helps to drain winter rain fall and helps to keep the top surface open and enable drainage of surface water


Scarification and Verticutting

Scarifying or verticutting removes lateral grass shoots, moss and other organic materials that build up on the surface of the green over time, harbouring pests and diseases.


Hollow, Solid and Slit Tining

Hollow tining is a form of aeration that removes cores of thatch and soil. It reduces the thatch layer and allows a sandy dressing to be applied into the soil. Solid and slit tining penetrates the soil surface but without removing any soil or thatch.


Fertiliser and Fungicidal applications

Fertiliser is essential to feed and enhance the green and replace nutrients removed from regular mowing. Fungicide protect the grass and help keep it in tip top condition.


Soil Analysis

Soil analysis will determine nutrient content, composition and other characteristics of the green.


Price dependent on amounts of materials required, please contact via email or phone for a free quotation for your green. All work carried about by the Grass Doctor and no assistance required.