The Grass Doctor

End of Season Offer

We can now offer both our existing and any new customers a complete end of season package to renovate their green at a price we believe cannot be beaten.

This special package includes

  • Micronised lawn sand (granular) or maxi crop (liquid) for moss control
  • Deep scarification of green in two directions for removal of lateral growth/ thatch and to create a vase for newly sown seed to germinate. 
  • Three types of aeration available, Verti Drain, Solid Tine, Hollow tine, varies in depth from 3inch to 12inch. All used to break up compaction and/or black layer. 
  • Over seeding at 30g/sqm (advised application can vary).
  • Spreading and working in of top dressing, amount required depends on size of green, (40 x 40 green approx 4 tonne) top dressing available in various forms. 
  • Fertilizer applied in form of Mascot 6-0-12 + 2% mg + 2% fe.

Please contact us for further details.